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 Together Our Impact Is Greater

If you want to earn points for your BEE, we have a solution. You can donate money to us and we will spend it accordingly. We will however deduct a 15% administration fee. If you have any questions regarding  this matter, do not hesitate to contact us. 

About Johnny Eliades Foundation

Johnny Eliades has been an entrepreneur for the last 13 years and is a qualified chartered accountant, business coach, motivational speaker, peak performance coach, a lecturer and a Broad-Based Black Economic empowerment( B-BBEE) specialist. Having studied with top coaches across the globe, Johnny has changed many lives during his career. He has great passion for B-BBEE.

Johnny has built a reputation as a B-BBEE specialist in South Africa. He believes that BEE, together with his financial and coaching skills, offers the perfect formula to turn South Africa into an even greater country  – one success story at a time.

The Johnny Eliades Foundation had undertaken extensive research across various communities in South Africa (SA). The aim is to empower and uplift impoverished and previously disadvantaged peoples and areas. Our focus had been on two key areas, People and Business. The research showed, among other things, that a lack of quality education, skills provision and empowering initiatives were major contributing factors to marginalised groups not being able to rise above their circumstances.

Most businesses embarked upon tended to fail, not only due to lack of skills, but also a lack of much needed financial assistance. Every community’s environment, needs and deficiencies are different but the core of marginalised societies, as found in the study, remained much the same.

The aim and objective of the Foundation is primarily geared towards the belief that in order for any business to succeed and as a result, live in abundance, it is of the utmost importance to understand the people. They are the greatest asset to any business, community and country.


Socio - Economic and Enterprise Development

The Johnny Eliades Foundation will manage and utilize funds as allocated by our clients to bring about positive change across those provinces in SA in which the Foundation operates in terms of and according to its mandate.

Essential components of such positive change include environmental initiatives and education and skills development for the transformation of South African society. The goal is to effect a just and equitable system providing quality education and training to learners, resulting in opportunities for a better life that would contribute value to our country.

Development Roadmap


Skills Development

  • Education:
    • Foundation Education
    • Education at School Level
    • Adult-Based Education and Training
    • Bursaries to further studies
  • Technical Skills:
    • Relevant to the Market Place
  • Employment Competence and Readiness


Enterprise Development

  • Enterprise Development
  • Supplier Development
  • Procurement Development


Social Development

  • Basic Living Condition Upliftment Initiatives
  • Environmental programmes caring for the environment/s within and around communities
  • The Belief of Possibilities
  • Foundation Education

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The main objective is sustainability and development for the business and the individual to raise standards and self-esteem to impact SA with hope of new possibilities for the future. The Johnny Eliades Foundation believes this is done by developing Value Business. People connected to a Value Business Programme are being constantly educated and trained to earn a respectable income, be independent and financially care for themselves and their families, a definite contribution to the country’s economy. This Business of Value Programme creates individuals and teams of value who would continue to provide products and services to the market place creating added value to communities and the overall economy.