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Together Our Impact Is Greater


The Gift of Food and Hope Program

I started a foundation called the Johnny Eliades Foundation with the fundamental principle of giving.

We commit ourselves to changing people’s lives. Every month, a dedicated team, compiles food parcels and go and hand them out people in need. This is to give people hope that their current situation is able to change. Our food parcels consist of the basic household items to prepare a meal. By doing this, our aim is to give hope to the people around South Africa.

Be Empowered

The Johnny Eliades Foundation believes and bring about empowerment, transformation and sustainability of the individual and his/her business enterprise believing the adage – “teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime, give him a fish and feed him for a day.” The Johnny Eliades Foundation is in the business of building great businesses and enterprises.

The Johnny Eliades Foundation grows and transforms business people and their endeavours into sustainable success stories adding value and success to South Africa.

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Foundation Mission and Vision

The aim and objective of the Johnny Eliades Foundation is primarily geared towards the belief that in order for any business to succeed and as a result, live in abundance, it is of utmost importance to understand that people are the greatest asset to any business, community, and country.

Essential components of such positive change include environmental initiatives, education and skills development for the transformation of South African society. The goal is to affect a just and equitable system providing quality education and training to learners, resulting in opportunities for a better life that would contribute value to our country.

IE International Group Companies

Building Great Businesses

Empowerment Performance & Business Coach

Management Accountants, Financial Reporting, Taxation & Statutory

Business Investment

B-BBEE, Skills Development, Enterprise Development, Socio-economic Development & Within Giving

Building & Renovations

Premium Business Center